Third Party Inspection of Petroleum Tanker Trucks


Client: A Fortune 500 Company
Location: Pan India

Business Requirement

Our client has proposed to carry out inspection of the Petroleum  Tank Trucks of capacities ranging from 12 KL to 24 KL. These tank truck were positioned at various terminal / oil depots across the country.

Solution / Services Offered

  • Security locking system: The tank trucks are provided with the security locks in the delivery valves as well as in the top dome covers. The security locks have the unique feature of master key maintained with the supply locations and dealer specific keys at the receiving ends. Scope of inspection includes ensuring that the security locking system is not tampered with and all the empty and loaded trucks reach / leave the premises with the locking system intact in the tank lorry as per the security locking manual.
  • Manhole: Each of the compartments has been provided with 4 nos. of fittings / nozzles viz. Fill Pipe, Dip hatch, Emergency Valve and Pressure Valve at the top. All the 4 nozzles are encased with a Dome cover. Regular Checks includes the following.
    • Dip pipe is in the centre of the manhole
    • Each manhole is fitted with PV vent
    • PV vent is of CCOE approved make
    • Check whether any additional fittings other than PV vent, dip pipe, emergency vent and fill pipe are fitted on the manhole cover.
  • VTS (Vehicle Tracking System): System ensures en-route tracking of the vehicle during its journey in the pre-mapped route from the supply location to the destination.
  • Branding of Tank Trucks: To Check whether all the jobs pertaining to branding viz painting, logo, promotion graphics & lettering etc have been carried out as per the corporation specifications, No tampering with the branded look of the TT and the TT has been maintained in neat and clean condition.
  • Emergency Preparedness & Accident Prevention: Various parameter like Crew Check, Electrical Safety and Vehicle Safety pertaining to emergency preparedness and accident prevention needs to be verified during inspection.
  • Condition of Tank / Chassis/ Engine: The tank truck is of cylindrical shape. TT calibration has a bearing on the shape of the vehicle. During inspection it is mandatory check the total body of the tank truck to find out any abnormalities, bumps or dents distorting the overall shape of the tank truck.
  • Vehicle and Crew Check: TT crew shall be asked to operate DCP fire extinguisher. TT crew is aware of procedure for operating the fire extinguisher and also the fire extinguisher operated satisfactory.


  • Compliance to statutory requirements
  • Condition of the vehicles for safe transportation
  • Delivery of right quality