Project Management Consultancy for Construction & Installation of Bulk Petroleum Depot at Air force Terminal

Business Requirement

Our client supplies product to Indian Army at various locations and is one of the biggest POL supplier to Army. They also provides infrastructure at these locations within Army installation to facilitate operations. However, there are certain forward locations where oil is stored in barrels.

One such location is Thoise in Leh, J&K. Thoise is a forward air base 150 km from Leh and maintains supplies to troops at Siachin. There was requirement of construction of bulk petroleum depot at the above location. Temperature drops to -40 degree Celsius during winter and it becomes very difficult to carry out operations.

The depot was to be constructed in the window between April to October. All material, fabrication activity was to be planned during the said period.


  • The client outsourced project management consultancy to Phistream Consulting Private Limited:
    • Civil construction work was awarded to a resourceful local contractor. Labor and material was made available locally.
    • The tanks and other structures were pre fabricated in factory in pieces that could be airlifted to Thoise.
    • The material was shifted to air force base at Chandigarh from where it was moved to Thoise directly.
    • Total two tanks of 200 KL capacity each were fabricated.
    • Other structures were pump house, TLF, TLD, driveway, peripheral road, chain link fencing and administrative building.
    • Entire 100mx100m area was developed.


  • All work except administrative block was completed in the time window available.
  • Administrative block was constructed during the next year window.
  • The facility has been commissioned and has been operating successfully.
  • Project was successfully completed to the satisfaction of client.


Client Name: A Global Fortune 200 Company