Third Party Inspection of High Mast Signages


here Our client has planed to provide 1500+ High Mast Signages at various Retail outlets throughout India over two financial years. The signages plays a very important role in enhancing the retail visual identity of the Retail Outlets, specially to in remote and highway areas.


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follow site Our client selected Phistream Consulting for the Third Party Inspection of High Mast Signages that were being installed at various petrol stations of across northern and western region. All the inspections were carried out at the retail outlet site and following were the broad scope of inspections and the stages of inspection.


Client: A Fortune 200 Company
Location: Northern & Western Region
Team Size: 20+ Engineers



After the completion of excavation for foundation, laying of PCC and placement of reinforcements. Inspection of concreting for foundation, checking the size of foundation and the reinforcement, etc. including verification of the materials being used. Concrete cubes are required to be cast as per the provisions of IS 456.


Upon arrival of the High mast and Signage Board at the RO premises and upon removing the packing, etc. Inspection of the supplied mast, Signage Board with support frames & retro reflective sheeting including document certification.


Upon completion of the assembled High Mast & Signage Board. Inspection of the erected Mast, backfilling for the foundation, etc. complete for final acceptance of the Signage Mast.